Light Fabrication

There isn't a project, too big or too small. With our 30+ years of experience & knowledge, you can trust us with your LIGHT fabrication project needs.

Light Fabrication

Light Fabrication


Stainless steel cart for a bottom mixer designed and fabricated by AAA Welding & Fabrication for St. Gobain and the University of Tennessee.

Overhead view of stainless steel cart.

Stainless steel frame and sink designed for a water bath of manufactured products.

Machined plate weldments for miscellaneous equipment.

Light Fabrication

Two stainless steel frames fabricated and machined by AAA Welding for computer consoles, for IBM-Germany.

Typical frame for an automated assembly line.

Light Fabrication: Sheet Metal Projects

Stainless steel air plenum for removing fumes from product lines

Side View: Filter housing

Top view of actuator housings

Back View: Stainless Steel Cabinet with filter for heating & cooling system

Side view of frames and actuator housings for fill line